The Coach House

The Coach House

Tyn Dwr Hall is a truly one-of-a-kind destination wedding venue with ample accommodation for your loved ones to stay close to you.

As well as the guest rooms inside the hall itself, there are two idyllic buildings within the grounds that your special attendees will love having to themselves. One of those buildings is the Coach House, a substantial building that has been lovingly restored and beautifully furnished.

The Coach house has 8 rooms including one family room and seven double rooms, and will accommodate up to 18 people. More than that, it will provide your wedding guests with plenty of space to get ready, relax and sleep just a few steps away from the main hall with views of the gorgeous green grounds around it.

The Coach House is currently undergoing extensive refurbishment to reflect our luxury wedding venue and give it that welcoming country escape feel. The walls will be decorated with fresh, clean colours and furnishings that are as elegant and country-luxe as the pieces in the main hall.

This will be the perfect place for your close friends and family to stay with their partners and families and is situated conveniently for them to return to once the evening celebrations come to a close, and also for them to explore the enchanting woodland that surrounds it.

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