Tyn Dwr Hall

2 years on…

Imagine walking into your wedding venue for the first time and there being holes in the floor, no electricity, a digger in the ceremony room and a giant muddy trench outside replacing your reception space. No, we are not talking about those weird and wonderful dreams that wake brides in the middle of the night before their big day. This was actually a reality for a number of our couples when they first visited Tyn Dwr Hall.

In January 2016 the 18th Century hall began being transformed from a dilapidated outdoor pursuit centre into the breath-taking wedding venue it is today and from the moment the news was heard the enquires started pouring in. When you email a wedding venue as an excited newly engaged couple the first thing you expect to see is a beautiful glossy brochure with an abundance of Pinterset-esque images. You most definitely don’t expect to see a pile of rubble and lifted floorboard, so it was time to get our thinking caps on.

With eager couples awaiting to see the venue without so much as a glimpse of what was planned before they arrived, we started showing our future couples around the corridors of Tyn Dwr Hall and just like us they fell in Love. It didn’t matter that there was a student canteen in place of our beautiful ballroom or that not one piece of plumbing was in place in any of the bridal suites let alone a lavish bath in the window.

With so much interest it was time to rally the troops and get the hall wedding ready. (Well mock wedding ready). Our family and friends were here in a blink of an eye with marigolds and dustpans and overnight the venue was set to be transformed by some amazing local suppliers. Vivid dressed the hall with beautiful blooms and set the scene for what was a fantastic day.  We had hair and make up on sight using the dressing room for the very first time and dresses hung on the fireplace which had been loaned from a local bridal boutique. Vintage cars even adorned the driveway.

Family and Friends dawned their best attire, yes including the odd wedding dress and posed around the grounds for some truly memorable shots. The talented Carla Blain captured the romance of the venue perfectly and those images will go down in Tyn Dwr history.

The day was nothing short of perfect, the sun shone and the excitement in the air was electric. Wild Garlic even cooked at the Hall for the very first time serving canapés at our mock drinks reception.

When we received the images, we could not believe just how amazing they were, capturing the charm of Tyn Dwr Hall in every detail. The first Tyn Dwr Hall wedding brochure was created and finally our couples could see what we had in store for the next 2 years and many more to come.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all suppliers and especially our amazing family and friends who helped us 2 years ago to reach where we are today.

Lots of Love Vicky Jones.

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