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Favour ideas for your wedding day

Have you started your search for favours? Have you lost countless hours at night scrolling through Pinterest? Are you even having favours?

Favours are a subject that divides many a wedding party. “To favour or not to favour?” that is most definitely the question in modern wedding planning.

It’s always nice to receive an edible treat or a personalised trinket at your seat, but if favours are not for you – do not worry! Your guests are more than grateful to be sat at the table on your special day and will not feel like something is missing if there is not a token in front of them. This is a growing trend in its own right.

But, if like me you are a traditional kind of girl, ohhhhh the possibilities are endless.


Goodbye Sugar Almonds, I know I said I am a traditional girl but maybe not too traditional. The sugar almond trend is most definitely a thing of the past. Edible favours are far more exciting theses days. From Jars of honey to macaroons and mini cupcakes… the list goes on and on. It’s not just sweets and biscuits that are being gifted either, savoury snacks are now sharing the limelight. Flavoured salts, savoury popcorn and chutneys to name but a few. Why not use the time of year as your inspiration? Think individual mince pies at Christmas, welsh cakes for St David’s day and toffee apples for Bonfire night.

Let Love Grow

Why not give your guests a lasting memory of your day? A floral gift can look amazing and add to the overall décor of your room. Think succulents, roses, miniature potted wild flowers… Equally, a small envelope of seeds or a bulb in a jar can create a lasting keepsake for guests to plant at home. Or why not completely WOW your guests with a tea flower which blooms when water is poured on top.

One of a kind

You name it, it can be personalised! A favour that doubles as a place setting is most certainly a winner. Two birds with one stone and less clutter on the tables – win, win. Stamped biscuits, laser cut wood, Christmas baubles, even little Lego men… I could go on and on forever, but I’m guessing you have actual wedding planning to get back to…

Bottoms up

From homemade sloe gin to a flavoured vodka, miniature alcoholic favours are a firm favourite among the party people! Do you have a favourite drink that your guests will instantly associate with good memories? How about a jar of mulled spices for guests to take home and toast your wedding on a warm night in front of the fire? It’s also an added bonus that we do not charge for corkage on miniature alcoholic favours. Cheers to that!

Good for the soul

In the madness of wedding planning it is easy to get completely self-obsessed (and this is fine.) However, it is never a bad thing to stop for a minute and do some good. Charity badges are a lovely way to gift your guests but make a difference at the same time. This is a great way of honouring a special guest that cannot be there on your special day.

All wrapped up

We all know the little saying “it’s not the outside that matters” well this saying goes out of the window when it comes to favours. The simplest of chocolates can be transformed in an instant in a beautiful box or quirky bag. You might have a favour which is perfect except it isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing. With the perfect wrapping, your favours can add that little something your tables have been missing.

Break the rules

Who made the rule that favours must be placed on the table? It is becoming increasingly popular for couples to set up a favours station. This can be used to encourage your guests to write in your guest book or just an excuse to have some unique favours dotted around at different times of the day. How about a midnight snack favour where guests can pick up a little trear for the journey home? Or, what about a smores bar to go next to the fire pit or flip flops to rest your dancing feet.

Ultimately, there are so many favours to choose from that my best advice is to be true to yourselves and love what you choose. Happy planning!

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