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Hall Owners Celebrate 10 year Wedding Anniversary

On Thursday 13th June 2019, Tyn Dwr Hall Owners Matt and Vicky Jones will be celebrating 10 years of marriage. To mark the milestone, Matt has penned a heartfelt letter to his beloved wife…

Dear Vicky,

Here we are on our 10th wedding anniversary!!!

We often don’t get the chance to be what could be described as a ‘normal’ couple and more often than not, work and business gets in the way of us enjoying just some of the simple things in life together. But as we reach this milestone in our marriage, there are a few things I would like to say.

You are truly the most amazing, caring and beautiful woman in the world. You are our family rock and leader. I could never have asked for a more caring mother to our beautiful children who encourages them and has allowed them to grow into the little people that they are. I am often left in awe at how you take on the problems, changes and challenges that our life creates. It truly is incredible.

You are the person that has enabled the past ten years to be what it has been. All of the many projects that we have completed and all of what we have accomplished is down to you. I have these crazy ideas and you are the ‘wing woman’ that enables them to become a reality. You have sacrificed a lot from moving away from your family roots in Nottingham, not having a place you can call home as you have moved for new business ventures and always missed out on things/ events with friends as I have been working or just fixing that problem…-for this I am sorry. In our case, the term “we’ve been through so much together” does not do us justice…

We’ve moved a total of eight times – to ‘homes’ that have all come with their own differing challenges. Living at the yard with our offices downstairs whilst men and machines worked late evenings and weekends. Then there was the Coach House prior to it being renovated. We were like squatters at Tyn Dwr – having to pump water from the stream to wash!

Together, we have created new businesses with jobs and opportunities for many. From Knights Construction – which continues to go from strength to strength. We took Tyn Dwr Hall from an empty building to now be thriving as a luxury wedding venue which in turn has provided such joy and happiness for countless other couples. The almost overnight success of the Three Eagles and the exciting prospect of what is to come for the Royal Hotel are now also testament to what we have achieved together.

Our wedding day will always be the best day of my life and I love you more than you will ever know.

Thank you for being who you are. The you from 10 years ago, the current you and the future you.

Matt xxx

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