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Keeping Positive

As we approach the Easter weekend, a time usually spent with friends and family, we need to remain focused and remember what we are all trying to achieve.

Here’s some ideas we’ve put together to get us through.

  1. First and foremost, stay safe! Everyone’s number one priority should be keeping your family safe by following the government advice. Help your extended family where possible, you may not be able to visit them and hug them, but doing some shopping, giving them a call, or sending them photos and updates will help. We managed to get my Mum and my Grandmother on a family FaceTime, it was lovely just to see everyone’s faces.

Picture by Livi Edwards Photography

  1. Be kind to yourself– We are all going through the same feelings,  having a little wobble throughout this experience is completely normal! Some days you’ll wake up thinking about what you could be doing, where you could be going and be left feeling deflated. Then you’ll wake up on a beautiful spring day, birds are singing and yes, we will get through this.

Picture by Sally Joanne Photography

3. Keep smiling – Think about all the positives in your life, your future plans and experience. Why not try some new recipes or baking something you’ve always wanted to try out (if you can get hold of plain flour!). Start to learn a new language, (We recommend  insert link to Duolingo), read a book, take up gardening. Our Team TD are having a weekly ‘pub’ quiz organised by James, our Senior barman, and due to popular demand we’ve also got friends and family involved, the interaction with other humans has been a real tonic.

Picture by Livi Edwards Photography

  1. Structure your day – It will be far easier to manage your day if you know what you are going to be doing and when. 2 hours housework, 1 hour exercise, 1 hour baking, 1 hour reading, 1 hour staring at the contents of your fridge! List your tasks for the week and spread them out, an hour a day spring cleaning will be far easier to ‘enjoy’ rather than in one big hit.

Picture by Heledd Roberts Photography

5. #WFH– If you are working from home try to set an office area where you can work without being disturbed too much. Make it as practical as possible, and maybe add some nice features. Dogs really do make the best co-workers!

6. Daily exercise – It’s important to keep active as much as possible! As well as our daily walk from home, we’re doing some great home workouts, especially Joe Wickes in the morning. On our daily walk we’ve been varying our routes, and have surprisingly found new walks we didn’t even know about. We are going to start some yoga over the weekend, although I’m currently as flexible as a brick.



7. Keep positive 😊 So many have missed birthdays, celebrations, births, holidays, graduations and most devastatingly for our lovely couples and us, Weddings. We have to keep thinking that we will get through this, we will get back to normal and we will, one day celebrate again. So for now, be kind, be thoughtful, stay home and stay safe.

 Love Tracey x

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