Tyn Dwr Hall

Meet the Tyn Dwr family and read about our history

Here at Tyn Dwr Hall, we’re proud to be family-run and always want to make our guests feel welcomed, comfortable and part of the Tyn Dwr family.

The hall was something that Mathew and Victoria stumbled upon by chance one early morning on a walk through the beautiful Welsh countryside. It was love at first sight. It was the perfect project and perfect location, given Mathew’s long historical ties to Llangollen.

Born in a small cottage hospital and raised in a large family, Mathew and his sister, Tracey, visited their grandparents who owned a little hardware shop on the bridge in Llangollen. They spent their weekend pottering around the shop, enjoying family walks, visiting small, cute trinket stores and demolishing ice creams in the park.

As the years passed, Mathew studied at Dinas Bran, the local comprehensive, before embarking on a new journey and travelling the globe after signing up with the Marines. However, he knew he’d left his heart back in Wales.

He returned to start his first business venture in construction, settling in the town with his wife Victoria, their two boys, Charlie, Ali, Arayha and newest addition, Evrah.

Tracey had since worked her way up in the hospitality sector, having worked in the Lake District and Manchester, and most recently, thanks to her love of good food, wine and service, was running a lovely country pub in Cheshire.

One Sunday morning she received a call from Mathew to say he’d found an amazing hall and there was only one person who could help him take it to where it is today.

As a dynamic duo, they are extremely close and understand how to make people feel welcome, comfortable and ensure they’re receiving the best service possible. Any new team members are instantly received into the extended family and the brood only keeps on growing.

As a testament to Tracey, her three daughters all work at the hall, her father, sister in law and husband and her work ethic runs through all of them.

You’ll quite often find the whole family at the hall and we would want nothing more than for you to join our Tyn Dwr family with a guaranteed warm Welsh welcome.

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