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The Royal Wedding

There has been one wedding which has been the talk of the office lately, the upcoming Royal wedding! All we can think about at the moment is who will be designing Meghan’s wedding dress, and which celebrity will win the bet of how long Williams best man speech will take! You would think with the amount of time we spend talking about it, that Meghan and Harry’s wedding would be taking place at the Hall itself! Unfortunately for them, we were unable to help celebrate their special day here as we already have another very important wedding taking place on May 19! We did send our apologies to the Queen however, and politely explained that they needed to be quicker with their booking in order to secure a date with us…

The news of an upcoming Royal wedding always sparks one thought in many people’s mind – do we get another day off?! Traditionally this would be the case as all Royal weddings are held during the week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were married on a Friday, the Queen on a Thursday… However, all the rumours regarding the royal wedding aren’t exactly what you would call traditional! Unfortunately, there will be no extra bank holiday for us but on the bright side the wedding will take place on a Saturday where most people will be able to watch the wedding and enjoy having a relaxing Saturday off.

We thought it would be a good idea to give you some background information on Meghan herself and some interesting rumours about their upcoming wedding plans: 

Who is Meghan Markle?

Meghan Markle is an American actress and is best known for playing Rachel Zane from the American TV programme, Suits. Not only is she a successful actress, but since the big announcement of the couple’s new romance and being in the public eye she has become one of the biggest fashion icons around. Her charity work is amazing – she was the ambassador for ‘World Vision’ which is the largest international children’s charity. Meghan may not be your typical princess but has a heart of gold which makes her likeable to the nation and yes, I doubt the members of the Royal family were thrilled to find out that she had already been married before but most girls understand it’s not that easy to ‘find the one’ and you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince.

How did they meet?

Markus Anderson (a mutual friend of Meghan and Harry) acted as cupid and was the one who finally got the two of them together!

He had set them up on a blind date, we are still unsure of the details and where and when this date took place but both made the effort to keep their relationship going by visiting each other regularly.    

After 18 months of dating, Harry popped that all important question!  The couple were staying at Harry’s cottage in Kensington palace where they were enjoying a cosy night in whilst cooking chicken like any normal couple would be doing!  The prince got down on one knee and presented Meghan with a trilogy ring, made using two stones which belonged to his mother. 

Where and what time will the Royal wedding take place?

The Royal wedding will take place at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on Saturday 19th May 2018 at 12.00pm. Rumour has it that the wedding has been arranged so that the Americans are able to watch the wedding in real time which would be a 7.00am wake up call for them.

Once they have tied the knot one of the traditions the Royals have and what the nation secretly loves is the famous balcony kiss! Unfortunately, this won’t be happening with Meghan and Harry. To be fair they do have a valid reason – Windsor Castle doesn’t have a balcony!

The most important part of the day – food!

The wedding breakfast may be the only thing that’s traditional about this Royal wedding – however this can’t be said for the evening reception – most guests who attend an evening do understand once you have had a few too many all you crave for is greasy food! Meghan wants to make sure there is plenty of hangover food going around including grilled cheese, hot dogs, hamburgers and even a doughnut wall for after – this sounds perfect! 


Again, going away from tradition, we will not be hearing any embarrassing stories off Meghan’s fathers as we are to hear Meghan making a speech in place of her father. She will be making an affectionate tribute to her new husband and thanking the Queen herself for all of her support. We know there will be a few tears shed as Meghan has made many public speeches before so we know it’s going to be perfect!

The Wedding Cake

There is no way Meghan and Harry are going to settle for anything normal for their wedding cake. In fact, rumour has it that this will be the first wedding cake in Royal history to be banana flavoured! Harry is completely obsessed with bananas. The base will be a standard fruit tier whilst the rest will be sponge with a twist of banana flavours!

Evening Entertainment

We are not entirely sure what the couple’s first dance song will be but we may be seeing a performance from Ed Sheeran and the Spice Girls.  Somehow, I can’t see the Queen dancing to ‘spice up your life’…

With all these facts you are now as clued up and as prepared as you can be for the big day! We will just have to wait and see what really happens!   

Written by Chloe Evans

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