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The Tyn Dwr Tour – Be Our Guest!

Providing a seamless journey from ceremony to celebration we lead you into The Garden Room. A sight to behold with the most striking full-length windows, come rain or shine the room is always full of light. Seating up to 150 guests the elegantly laid tables are yours to decorate. Whether you’re a traditionalist with a formal top table or want to break convention and have a round one.  Add coloured linen, tall centre pieces and light up letters, the possibilities are endless!

Pictures by: Anna Fowler Photography, Nest Lloyd Photography, Tobiah Tayo Photography, Livi Edward Photography

Keep cosy in the winter with our underfloor heating, you’ll be warm and toasty, protected from the events. No need to worry about the weather come rain, wind, sleet or snow.

In the summer we can glide open the windows and you’ll feel like you’re bringing the garden inside, floor to ceiling doors lead straight onto the terrace making it a beautiful place for all to enjoy.

Pictures by: Amy and Omid Photography, Heledd Roberts Photography & Nesta Lloyd Photography

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to the Wedding Breakfast, what should you choose for favours? What flavour and how many tiers of cake will there be? And let’s not forget the most important part… the menu!

Our Wedding Breakfast menu is a foodies dream. Designed by brotherly duo Kevin and Paul from Wild Garlic Event Catering, to help you decide on your Menu you’ll be invited to a ‘Tasting’ where you can sample dishes and chat to the team, it’s a perfect opportunity to discuss your own personal preferences. Maybe you’ll choose a tower of Profiteroles?! One of Wild Garlic’s most popular desserts, just leave the theatrics to us.

Pictures by: Tobiah Tayo Photography

Satisfied and full-bellied, it’s time for a toast! Our favourite time after the main event. The Speeches; an important part of every wedding day. Traditional or non-traditional, the trick is to aim for a laugh, a tear or two and an applause. Believe us, we’ve held many a best man’s hand through this nervous and momentous time.

Pictures by: Kelly Clarke Wedding Photography, Nesta Lloyd Photography, Amy and Omid Photography, Charlotte Giddings Photography

On that note, is it time for some pictures?

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