Tyn Dwr Hall

The Tyn Dwr Tour – Say Cheese!

From the first tear to the last dance, your wedding pictures will capture your entire day. Quite an intimidating task for photographers, but with a backdrop as beautiful as Tyn Dwr Hall, it’s easy to achieve. The Tyn Dwr grounds are in abundance of photo opportunities.

You might want to grab some candid shots of your guests, a few formal family ones with your nearest and dearest, or you might be wanting something a little bit different.
Take a walk around the Hall ground to the yurts and over the bridge towards the Yew Tree Cottage. The Yew Tree Swing is a right off passage for a Tyn Dwr Couple, albeit quite a challenging achievement in 5 inch heels.

Follow the tree-lined driveway, hike your way through to little secluded wooded areas or hideaway in the snug, every single part of the hall tells a story. The grounds and gardens are for you and your guests to enjoy, it’s your hall, enjoy.

In the meantime, are you ready to hit the dancefloor?

Pictures by: Amy and Omid Photography, Anna Fowler Photography, Dan Struthers Photography, First Sight Weddings, About Today Photography, Heledd Roberts Photography, Benjamin Jon, Kelly Clarke Wedding Photography, Livi Edward Photography

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