Claire and Jack Davies

Claire and Jack Davies

We met in a pub in Mold in September 2018, Jack was out with the rugby boys and I was out with some colleagues. We got chatting by the bar and Jack insisted he needed my number, I didn’t think anything of it until I got a text 2 days later inviting me on a date. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

We got engaged in the Amalfi coast, we managed to get a last minute trip after the first lock down was lifted. He took me to a rooftop bar and I was asking him to take my photo with Positano as the back drop, he kept saying not yet so by the time he agreed it was dark (and I was secretly fuming that I missed my photo opp). We walked over to the side where the view was and as I turned around Jack was on one knee.

My favourite part of planning was seeing the vision I had of how I wanted to get married come to life. It really was the most amazing process making it all happen, I wasn’t stressed with the planning at all. Maybe a little stressed towards the end as I realised, I was no longer in control and had to just trust our suppliers and venue. Everything went so smooth and perfectly to plan though.

We didn’t know at the time, but we had an extra guest at our wedding, we found out on day 2 of our honeymoon that we are expecting a baby in early April.

Becky literally went above and beyond, from helping me put confetti in cones the day before to being on hand for us all day. She was amazing.

Where did you hear about Tyn Dwr Hall?

I actually found Tyn Dwr Hall earlier in 2018 on Instagram before I met Jack. I had a look on the website, saved a few of my fave pics to my pinterest board and decided that if I ever got married it would be there. Kind of fate that I met Jack not so long after.

What was your first impression of the Hall?

Absolutely stunning! I always wanted an outdoor ceremony and the gardens are breath taking and so well kept, the garden room gives you that outdoor feeling while also being undercover. The vibe is relaxed and I felt really at peace. There was no doubt that this was the place.

Describe Tyn Dwr Hall in 3 words

There are no words to describe, you have to see it yourself to appreciate everything this place offers.

Did you have a Church Wedding or Civil Ceremony?

Civil, on the lawn. My dream came true.

Who was your Wedding manager and how did they help you in the run up to the wedding and on the day?

It was Becky. She showed us around the venue and then when we booked she was allocated to us and we were so grateful because she was so organised and really did make sure everything was so smooth.

What did you enjoy most about planning your wedding with us?

It wasn’t the easiest time to plan with the uncertainty around if lockdown was going to be lifted, but Tyn Dwr literally put all our worries at ease helping us to feel more relaxed throughout. We were just so lucky to have had the day we did.

What are the best spots for Tyn Dwr Hall photo opportunities?

The swing, the gazebo at night, dress train draped down the stairs, theres no place that doesn’t have a gorgeous backdrop to be fair.

How did you find the Tyn Dwr team on your wedding day? Did anyone stand out to you?

Becky literally went above and beyond, from helping me put confetti in cones the day before to being on hand for us all day. She was amazing.

What set Tyn Dwr Hall apart from other wedding venues?

I’m not sure because we didn’t look elsewhere.

When did you start your preparations?

We were lucky enough to stay in the cottage the night before, we woke around 8, had some breakfast and transferred our stuff to the dressing room. The beauty squad arrived around 10.30. It was a really relaxed morning. All the dresses and shoes were already in the dressing room which made for a more relaxing morning.

What were you most nervous about on your wedding day?

That everything was going to run smooth and go to plan and that none of my suppliers were going to end up in isolation. Luckily it was all fine.

Did you choose a wedding theme for your day?

Our colour scheme was blush. We didn’t have a theme as such, but our décor was reclaimed wood and fresh flowers, white roses and pink peonies.

What was your Wedding Menu?

We had chicken parfait starter and lamb shoulder mains, veggies had the gobi 65 and butternut squash wellington, we all had the raspberry cheesecake for dessert.

Tell us about your Wedding Entertainment

Andrew Price played through the ceremony and drinks reception, and we had a DJ & Sax In the evening. We didn’t want the night to end.

Any special/creative personal touches – favours/signage/wedding theme elements you made yourselves?

My father-in-law made the welcome, order of events and find your seat wooden signs and all the wooden boxes our floral centre pieces went in.

Did you have any special extras? (Wedding favours? Pimp your Prosecco? Singing Waiters?!)

We gave our guests macarons as favours, we got white boxes, blush ribbon and little thank you tags made. Me and the bridesmaids spent the night before boxing, and tying them all up.

Favourite part of the speeches?

We just had father of the bride, groom and best man which kept it short and sweet. They all really complemented each other and was a nice mix between happy crying and laughing.

Most Memorable moment?

During our ceremony, a cloud came over us and we had about 5-10 seconds of really light rain drops, suddenly the cloud shifted, and the sun broke through. It was an incredible and supernatural experience, like someone was just letting us know that they’re here with us.

Who was the last to bed?

We went up at 3.30 and left some guests in the library chatting, I believe my dad was last at 5am!

What handy tips would you give couples planning their wedding day? E.g. Grooms- break in your shoes / Bride’s – Bring flip flops for the dancefloor!

I wore super embellished flats for the reason I didn’t want to have to take them off, but my underskirt kept getting stuck to them pulling thread down which Becky had to keep cutting it away as it prevented me walking. I’d say just make sure you get the underskirt cut higher up or don’t go for something that will create pulls on it. Also having all the bridesmaid dresses in the dressing room and all the groomsmen suits in our bridal suit was a life saver. It was stressful collecting them all back but made the morning much smoother everyone turning up and having everything there to get changed into. We brought a box of white flip flops that went fast for evening guests and we also did evening favours too, macarons, personalised sugar cookies, cake pops from the lady who did our cake, and some candy with bags. It was a nice touch. Lastly, if you’re going to do sparklers, do them before your night do really gets going. We wanted to do them as a way to end the party at 11:30 and it was the only part that felt hectic, our guests were enjoying themselves, they didn’t want to be dragged from the party and our photographers had left so we didn’t even get any pics. We realised the vibe wasn’t home time so after the sparklers the DJ continued, and the bar reopened because no one wanted to leave.

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