Katie and Aaron Holmes

Katie and Aaron Holmes

Katie and Aaron met in a bar in Shrewsbury where Katie lived. Aaron was staying over to attend a racing Motocross event locally the day after and they have been together nearly eight years since.

The couple got engaged on a skiing holiday in the French Alps in Jan 2017 (although Katie had almost given up that he may propose by then)!

Katie, who loves organising events, enjoyed every aspect of planning their wedding and Aaron was happy to leave Katie to make all the important decisions! The only two things he insisted on were: speeches before food and a round head table.

Their wedding took place at Tyn Dwr Hall in September 2018.

We fell in love with Tyn Dwr Hall immediately, nowhere else compared after visiting there and the team made us feel so at home.

Where did you hear about Tyn Dwr Hall?

By accident! We were actually visiting a nearby wedding venue and booked a last minute appointment at Tyn Dwr Hall.

What was your first impression of Tyn Dwr Hall?

We were absolutely blown away! I actually cried when I walked into the ceremony room. It was so modern and classy, yet traditional at the same time - it was just so me! We fell in love with it immediately, nowhere else compared after visiting there and the Tyn Dwr team just made us feel at home immediately.

Describe Tyn Dwr Hall in 3 words

Elegant, stunning and classy.

Did you have a Church Wedding or Civil Ceremony?

We had a civil ceremony at Tyn Dwr Hall. We were originally looking at a church wedding, but after seeing the ceremony room at Tyn Dwr Hall there was no way we’d be getting married anywhere else.

Who was your Wedding manager and how did they help you in the run up to the wedding and on the day?

Our wedding manager was Chloe - she was my absolute saviour! She really was incredible. I remember travelling to the venue the morning we were getting married and I was in the car with my Mum and Dad and I just couldn’t wait to be there - I just knew that once I was there all the pressure, worry and nerves I was feeling would be gone because Chloe would have it all under control and I wouldn’t need to think of anything. She even kept the Groomsmen in line - which is an achievement in itself :)

What did you enjoy most about planning your wedding with us?

Everything - it was just so easy and nothing felt like a chore. We did most of our planning via email which was really great.

When did you start the preparations?

A couple of months after we got engaged - I was so excited to get planning.

What were you most nervous about on your wedding day?

We just really wanted everyone to have a good time, we were aware that people had travelled such a long way to celebrate with us - we even had friends come over form Australia! We just wanted everyone to enjoy it. Aaron was really nervous about the speech - although he’ll tell you he wasn’t.

Did you choose a wedding theme for your day?

Not really a theme, I just wanted a floral/green/white/gold colour scheme.

What was your Wedding Menu?

We had the antipasti to start, followed by a Chicken dish for main and chocolate fondant for dessert.

Tell us about your wedding entertainment

We saw our band at a friend's wedding in Portugal. They’d travelled there from Yorkshire and we loved them straightaway. They’re local to us in Yorkshire and we asked if they’d mind travelling to Llangollen for it - which they agreed to. We were so happy! We then had a DJ at night.

Any special/creative personal touches – favours/signage/wedding theme elements you made yourselves?

I printed an individual Polaroid photo of each guest with their name underneath for the place settings - it took ages! I had to scroll through social media for all 140 guests to find a picture of them on their own that I could change to black and white. I was so pleased with the result though - I wanted something personal for each guest.

Did you have any special extras? or wedding favours?

Unbeknown to us we had an extra special guest in my tummy :) We found out we were expecting our first baby whilst we were on our honeymoon.

Tell us about the speeches

The best man’s speech was amazing - he read a poem at the end that he had written himself which had everyone in tears. Two of my bridesmaids also did a speech which I wasn’t expecting! They had told me a few days before that they were doing it but I didn’t actually believe them. It was so lovely, and made everyone laugh.

Most memorable moment?

Seeing everyone enjoying themselves and dancing on the dance floor

Who was the last to bed?

We left a few of the bridesmaids and groomsmen singing Oasis songs by the fire at the bottom of the stairs. Aaron and I were definitely ready for bed, but they didn’t seem to want the night to end.

What handy tips would you give couples planning their wedding day?

Definitely take 10 minutes together just to take it all in! It’s so true when they say it goes so quickly!

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