Penelope and Rob Pilkington

Penelope and Rob Pilkington

Thursday 18th May 2023

We met doing weekend work together at a bar when we were in our early 20s, we got engaged 4 years later – just before the pandemic hit! So we had a longer engagement than some, but this allowed us to really think about what we wanted from our day and I’m actually quite grateful for those years, to not have the pressure of trying to book something immediately. When we started planning post-pandemic it felt like the perfect time to do it for us, we shortlisted some venues, but only visited one (Tyn Dwr!) and booked it on the same day before leaving, when you know you know!

I knew that Emily would be genuinely looking after us even just in our first conversation with her. Having a wedding manager was an added bonus that I didn’t expect with the booking of the venue, and it meant that so much stress was taken out of the wedding planning process for myself and Rob.

Where did you hear about Tyn Dwr Hall?


Describe Tyn Dwr Hall in 3 words

Classy, Light, Professional

Who was your Wedding manager and how did they help you in the run up to the wedding and on the day?

Emily Slater was our wedding manager and we will never be able to thank her enough for all her help, support, and time in the lead up to our big day. She was organised, professional, kind, and friendly, and she handled all our queries so effectively that it took so much stress off myself and Rob.

What did you enjoy most about planning your wedding with us?

We visited 3 times prior to our wedding day and all visits will hold a special place in my heart! However our tasting evening was so special. It was a nice time to sit back and enjoy the planning process as so much of our planning was on excel spreadsheets, emails or phonecalls – this was an evening to sit together, talk together, soak in the venue, and get really excited about the big day.

What are the best spots for Tyn Dwr Hall photo opportunities?

We loved the fireplace, as well as the gardens

How did you find the Tyn Dwr team on your wedding day? Did anyone stand out to you?

Our amazing girl Emily of course! And Rebecca was an absolute gem! Both of whom I will not forget! All our guests commented on how professional the whole team was throughout the day. Wearing gloves to serve the food and placing everyone’s plates down at the same time per table was such a classy touch.

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What set Tyn Dwr Hall apart from other wedding venues?

The venue is the MOST important past of your day (apart from the ceremony), the venue can make or break your day. It was important to us to feel looked after by the staff so that we could simply enjoy the day knowing that everything was being looked after, and I got such a professional impression from the Tyn Dwr staff at first meeting. The type of the venue was also very important to us, we personally wanted a venue that had hotel rooms on site so that guests were not having to think about travelling away in taxi later on. Most of our guests managed to stay on site, which meant we all have breakfast the following morning together which was such a special morning.

The look of the venue, however superficial, was important to me especially. I had looked at venues online that all had ‘something’ a little out of place for me, for example, dated swirly carpets that you get married on, or questionable choices in venue décor, or rooms SO big that our party of 66 would feel swallowed up. From stepping into Tyn Dwr we knew it was the one immediately, it’s modern but classy, and the old section of the hall is absolutely beautiful too. Stepping into the garden room when it is dressed is absolutely breath taking, however good it looks in photos, it’s even better in person! Myself and my husband have since said multiple times, regardless of money – even if we had 1 million pounds to spend on our wedding day, we would always, always choose Tyn Dwr Hall

Did you choose a wedding theme for your day?

We chose our ‘theme’ for want of a better word based on Tyn Dwr itself, I think it’s imperative to follow the style of the venue for seamless visuals. For example, Tyn Dwr is surrounded by forests and gardens, with big windows to showcase these. We decided to bring the outside in and have lots of natural looking greenery with soft white flowers on the tables, down the aisle, and on the fireplace. As the newer half of Tyn Dwr is so bright an modern, with hints of black, we continued this modern sleek look of having sleek black bridesmaid dresses and black backed stationary. As the venue is so bright and light, I knew we would be able to pull off the dark black dresses here.

Most Memorable moment?

Both our answers: seeing each other at the aisle, and being pronounced husband and wife whilst everyone cheered.

What handy tips would you give couples planning their wedding day? E.g. Grooms- break in your shoes / Bride’s – Bring flip flops for the dancefloor!

Have a brilliant and reliable small team of people around you who can help you with getting everything to the venue and back again. Give your phone to a bridesmaid to take candid pics throughout the day! The next day I was desperate to see pics and my sister had been snapping throughout the day so I had some great ones straight away from her perspective which was brilliant! Yes it’s a wedding day but it’s YOUR wedding day, make it personal to the two of you! We had so many comments from Tyn Dwr staff and suppliers who were happily surprised at the slightly different approach we took to our wedding with the amount of personal details we added. These are what really made our day even more special to us and what made it stand out. Also, don’t overthink anything!!! I know people who have got married have stressed about the small details and it is TRULY not worth it! Follow your gut and think of the bigger picture

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